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  • Irish Tweed Patchwork Caps - Hanna Hats of Donegal

    Patchwork Caps by Hanna Hats of Donegal can be credited to an American tourist who, one day stopped in at the Hanna Hat Shop in Donegal Town looking to buy a Cap.  Having never made one, Peter Hanna asked the man to come back the next day and his Cap would be ready for him - so from scraps of cloth left over from making jackets,  Mr. Hanna proceeded to make the First Cap - the tourist was delighted, hence spreading happiness throughout the World at the same time.   You only have to pick up this fine cap made from Authentic Donegal Tweed to feel the timeless excellence and quality to appreciate the fine tailoring in each one.
    To measure correctly for size - using a soft tape measure, take measurement just above your ears around your head - make a note of inches and check chart.  Please keep in mind, hats and caps are non-returnable. so measure once, then once again for good measure... .