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  • Traditional Brown Betty Teapot by Cauldon Vale Ltd. - 4 cup


    The World famous Traditional Brown Betty Teapot in Brown Rockingham Glaze over Terracotta - fully hand made at the Old Caledonia Mills in Shelton, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England  dating back to the 17th century - they are lovingly referred to as Red Ware Teapots.  Not suitable for stove top use.                                                                                                Tip:  When pouring your cuppa, place ring and middle fingers under spout and thumb on lid.  If you tilt the teapot too high, this saves the lid from slipping off, believe me, I know... .

    (If you want a larger teapot, like I use, view Traditional Brown Betty by Cauldon Vale Ltd. - 8 cup - SKU: GEM08)